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Our Mobile Banking service allows you to carry out your operations in full security.

Accordingly, we would like you to know that:

To access your accounts via the Mobile Web service,  you must enter your User Code and three Multichannel digits (the same code you use to the access the Millennium bcp website from your computer);

To access the Bank via Millennium App and MStock App software you must enter your PIN - the 4-digit number you chose when you installed the software on your smartphone;

All banking transactions, apart from account views, must be validated:

  • Millennium App and MStock App: enter 3 digits from your Multichannel Code;
  • Mobile Web: enter the code you've received by text message or via Token;

It is also important that you take some safety precautions. We recommend:

You should regularly change your Millennium bcp access codes by going to the Customise option of menu "M" on the top bar of the page after login into your account;

In the event that your mobile phone is stolen:

  • With Millennium App and MStock App installed - call 91 827 24 24 | 93 522 24 24 | 96 599 24 24 | +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or abroad) to be able to install the apps on another mobile phone.



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