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Fundação Millennium bcp

Millennium bcp Foundation

M for Modern.
M for Millennium.
M for Motion

Art is alive.
It engages with the world.
It seeks different forms of expression.
It embraces novelty.
It experiments, invents and reinvents itself.
Because this is the mark art imprints on us, this is the mark we wish to imprint on art.


Established (1991) by Banco Comercial Português, the Foundation emerged as a reflection of the Bank’s culture of social responsibility, which has always taken on board, together with its core activity, a clear commitment to support the development of the communities in which it operates.

The Bank's growing involvement in the various sectors of society and the increasing influx of requests, has created a need for specialization and greater responsiveness, which integrates naturally into its business strategy.

Within this context, the project took shape to create a suitable structure, with administrative and financial capacity to develop and manage a program of activities aimed at the pursuit of social responsibility.

The activity of the Millennium bcp Foundation, an integral part of the Bank’s policies of social welfare and institutional cultural patronage, is seen as a tool for the creation of value in society in various areas of intervention. In this light, it has sought over time, to concentrate its resources on supporting institutions, organizations and projects that show potential for greater efficiency in the long term.

After over a quarter of a century of activity, the Foundation has decided to create a new visual identity, more in line with the work it has been developing, consisting of three pillars: modernity, actuality and innovation, creating a distinct graphic identity within the Millennium bcp universe. “The Bank and the Foundation have different, albeit complementary, objectives. The Foundation, due to the nature of its activity, can and should have a bolder and more appealing image for the world of the arts and culture, thus reinforcing and broadening the prestige of the Millennium bcp brand.”
Fernando Nogueira
President of the Millennium bcp Foundation