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Welcome Message

Welcome to Millennium bcp's Client Ombudsman's Office.

The Client Ombudsman's Office is the right entity to find solutions in a fast, free and confidential manner for your claims or complaints as a customer of Millennium bcp.

However you may choose to contact this Office, you can be sure that we are unbiased and always available to answer your questions.

When the Client Ombudsman's Office receives a claim for the first time, it sends it to the area of the Bank responsible for managing and answering the claim and the Office monitors the quality and speed of the answer.

When the Client Ombudsman's Office acts as appellate entity on prior decisions of the Bank that were unfavourable for the clients, it verifies and analyses the questions raised once again as there are two separate levels within itself for appraising claims. This competence pertains exclusively to the Ombudsman's Office.

The above mentioned area of the Bank responsible for the management of claims undertakes the analysis and answer of the clients' claims that, on account of their nature and simplicity, do not fall under the competence of this Office according to the general understanding of no intervention in exclusively commercial issues, being the Ombudsman's Office limited to intervene in situations where the Bank may have acted without abiding by the applicable regulations or the Code of Conduct.