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How can I make a complaint to the Client Ombudsman?

As indicated under "Contacts", explaining the matter in a clear and brief manner and eventually attaching any documentation deemed relevant.

Which areas fall under the scope of the Client Ombudsman's assessment?

The Client Ombudsman manages claims and appeals from Millennium bcp clients regarding:

  • Activities of the Branches
  • Investment Banking
  • Credit
  • Leasing (Finance Lease)
  • Factoring
  • Securities

The Ombudsman also analyses claims regarding:

  • Real Estate / Home Loans
  • Insurances sold by Millennium bcp


When can I expect an answer?

According to the deadlines set in the Ombudsman's Regulations, the Bank must answer the Customer's claim within a maximum term of thirty (30) days. Except for cases of extreme complexity, when the term may be extended to sixty (60) days.

Who is responsible for the answer?

When a Client presents a claim to the Ombudsman's Office for the first time, the Bank's Customer Support Centre shall answer the Client, by delegation, an internal procedure that has no impact on the due and timely appraisal of the claim. Even so, the Client Ombudsman's Office will constantly monitor the process.

Can I appeal an unfavourable decision of the Bank?

Yes. If you already received an unfavourable answer from the Bank, you can appeal it directly to the Client Ombudsman, and then the process will be handled solely by the Ombudsman's Office, which will appraise, issue an opinion and a final decision on the appeal with no interference from any area of the Bank.

I am not a client of the Bank. Can I make a complaint?

Yes, though in this case the complaint will be exclusively handled by the Bank's Customer Support Centre, after being forwarded there by the Ombudsman's Office. Yet you may contact that area directly:

  • By e-mail at
  • By phone at 91 827 24 24 | 93 522 24 24 | 96 599 24 24 | +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or abroad)
  • By letter addressed to Banco Comercial Português, SA
    Centro de Atenção ao Cliente
    Av Prof Dr Cavaco Silva (Tagus Park)
    Edif 3, nº 28
    2740-256 Porto Salvo

Either way, the Ombudsman's Office will always forward any documentation it receives.

How are simple information requests handled?

This type of information is not handled by the Client Ombudsman. It pertains exclusively to the Customer Support Centre, to which the request should be addressed (vide contact information in the previous question).

What is a recommendation of the Client Ombudsman?

A recommendation consists of an advice, addressed to the Bank's bodies or services, for the practice of an appropriate professional conduct, due to certain circumstances specifically verified or as a result of an appeal brought forward by a Customer.

Is the Ombudsman's final recommendation immediately applicable to a specific case?

No. A recommendation must be approved by the Board of Directors, only then becoming binding and mandatory for all the Bank's bodies and services.
In less complex proceedings, the recommendation may be directly sent to the area concerned for implementation if deemed sufficient, without being sent to the Board of Directors.

Can someone make a complaint on my behalf?

Yes. If you wish, you may ask a third party to present a claim to the Client Ombudsman, although the answer will always be sent to you, the customer concerned, in compliance with the bank secrecy duty.

Are claims ever immediately denied?

Yes. Claims that are anonymous, lack due grounds or reveal bad faith shall be immediately denied, as well as those that use improper wording.

How much does it cost to present a claim to the Client Ombudsman?

Nothing, it is completely free of charge for the complainant.

If I bring an appeal before the Client Ombudsman, am I still entitled to seek remedy from other entities?

Of course, customers are always free to pursue their claims using the competent legal means, the courts of law, or any other means for solving litigations outside a court of law.