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What is the Client Ombudsman?

The Client Ombudsman:

  • Is independent from the hierarchical structures of the Bank and according to the respective regulations, the main functions are:
    • to defend and promote the rights, guarantees and legitimate interests of the Bank's customers;
    • to ensure, quickly and by informal means, the regularity of the relations they establish with the Bank.
  • The Client Ombudsman acts as appellate entity on prior decisions of the Bank that were unfavourable for the clients, so that the latter have their issues verified and analysed twice as there are two separate levels for the analysis of claims.
  • When acting as appellate entity, the Ombudsman has total freedom to access all the means available to investigate a claim, build a file and the final opinion pertains solely to him.
  • This position is presently committed to This position is presently committed to Dr. Miguel Magalhães Duarte.