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General Principles


The recommendations of the Ombudsman are not binding for the bodies and services, until approval by the Board of Directors or relevant Operational Unit.

Claims and Appeals

Customers may submit claims or complaints for actions or omissions by bodies and employees of the Bank to the Ombudsman, who will consider them after the necessary investigations have been conducted. If it is a first time claim, it will be answered by the Customer Support Centre or the Bank.

If the Customer has already complained about the same matter to the Bank and received an unfavourable answer to his/her claim, it will be answered by the Client Ombudsman being considered to be an appeal.

Matters regarding exclusively commercial issues

Matters regarding exclusively commercial issues (for instance the application of banking fees, pricing, credit decisions etc.) do not fall under the competence of the Client Ombudsman, as these pertain solely to the scope of the branches and competent departments, in their solely commercial relationship with the customers.