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June 30, 2021

After achieving and consolidating a significant position in the Portuguese market, Millennium bcp clearly opted for a strategy of Retail business expansion to new geographies.

From the very beginning, the internationalisation of Millennium bcp was based on prospects of growth and profitability of foreign markets with a close historic link to Portugal or which had large communities of Portuguese descendants, as well as markets where there was a strong commercial rationale for the establishment of banking operations supported by business models and technological platforms similar to those used by the Bank and of recognised success in the Portuguese market, adapting them to the financial requirements and needs of local customers.

The BCP Group became a reference institution at an international level with a focus on the retail distribution of financial products and services, in Poland (Bank Millennium), Mozambique (Millennium bim) and Angola (Banco Millennium Atlântico - The bank resulting from the merger of Banco Millennium Angola and Banco Privado Atlântico in which Millennium holds a relevant stake.

The Bank is also present in Macao (China), through its on-shore branch, which aims to be an international business platform between China/Macao (China), Portuguese-speaking Africa and Europe.