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Association for the Protection of Animals receives donations from Millennium Employees...

APA recebe donativos dos Colaboradores do Millennium

Millennium bcp, in this case through the "DQAR - Direção de Qualidade e Apoio à Rede", recently held another Social Responsibility initiative, this time in favour of the "APA - Association for the Protection of Animals".

This internal action, directed to the Employees of this Unit and to all that wanted to join, had the objective to collect rations, shelters and hygiene products for the animals currently in the custody of the institution.

The APA, which has developed its solidarity action in the region of Torres Vedras since 1982, now houses, in its own facilities, around 400 abandoned animals, which guarantees protection and basic care.

This new solidarity action, framed in a social policy of proximity, but also reveals a citizenship - individual and collective - attentive, responsible and consequent, allowed to gather 260 kgs of rations and about 100 goods, ranging from feeders and cottages to beds and warm clothing, that will now help the APA to care for the animals in their care.

Here we can, Make the Difference.