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"Children of Heaven" with baptism of flight in Portugal...


The "Les Enfants du Ciel" and "Meninos do Céu" Associations have reunited friends and volunteers with the support of Banque BCP and Millennium bcp to carry out a series of "flight baptisms" with children and young adults with special education needs.

Thus, on June 24, at the aerodrome in Santa Cruz, about 400 children with special educational needs flew for the first time.

This initiative, already in its 9th edition and once again extended to Portugal, provided the "baptism of flight" to a few hundred children with special needs, in what was another happy moment of sharing, closeness and emotion.

Millennium bcp, as part of its policy of sustainability and social responsibility, joined to this action of solidarity, knowing that the cause that is associated - supporting children and young people with intellectual disabilities and/or multi handicapped - justifies our full support.


Together, we Make the Difference.


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