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Millennium bcp reduces (again) its ecological footprint in 2017...

Millennium bcp reduces (again) its ecological footprint in 2017... 

Millennium bcp develops a Sustainability strategy that promotes a culture of social and environmental responsibility through actions from, with and for their different Stakeholders.

The protection of the environment, the preservation of natural resources, the adaptation to climate change and the rationalization of consumption, are, therefore, an essential part of the objectives of the environmental policy.

Overall, in 2017, the Bank's level of eco-efficiency continued to improve, as a result of the investment in new equipment, process optimization and contribution of Employees, boosted in this case by internal environmental awareness campaigns.

Thus, as result of this collective commitment, we have reduced, in Portugal, the use of a set of resources, from which we highlight:

- 5% Electricity
- 3% Water
- 5% Energy
- 7% Waste produced
- 24% Materials
- 7% Greenhouse Gases (CO2)

These results, which motivate us to pursue policies - and to adopt practices - to support a continuous decrease of consumption and waste of resources, are a contribution to the effort of optimizing operating costs, but fundamentally to mitigate the ecological footprint of the Millennium bcp.

The optimization of consumption levels is a citizenship challenge that we all face, every day. The solution is (also) in our hands.


See, soon, the detail of indicators of environmental performance of Millennium throughout 2017, both in Portugal and in international operations.