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Marketplace Cascais - Here we can be in solidarity...

Marketplace Cascais

The ninth edition of Marketplace Portugal and the first in Cascais were recently held at the NEW School of Business & Economics in Carcavelos.

The Marketplace, organized by FIX Social Engagement according to a model originally from the Netherlands, is a social market whose objective is to informally gather companies, local authorities and non-profit institutions that wish to exchange goods and services without any financial involvement, in what is an example of responsible, participatory and consequent corporate citizenship.

This event, which brought together about 80 representatives of companies and institutions of social nature, allowed reaching 71 matches (exchange of products and services). With the contribution of this latest edition, was exceeded the total cumulative value of 1.26 million Euros of social impact in the eight editions organized since the launch of the model.

Millennium bcp, which was present for the third time in Marketplace, established 14 agreements - mainly for the donation of furniture and computer equipment - with third sector entities from different areas of activity and target of support.

In these four participations, the Bank had the opportunity to support 37 institutions of solidarity, a result that proves the effectiveness of the model, but also its capacity to generate social value and strengthen ties of closeness with the community and with the People.

Here We Can, Make the Difference.

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