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Millennium bcp signs "Guide for Human Rights"

Millennium bcp, as part of it its Sustainability strategy, has signed the "CEO Guide for Human Rights", an initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Portugal). The Guide incorporates the policies and reference practices and aims to contribute to the implementation and promotion of human rights in organizations and their value chains.

Miguel Maya, CEO of Millennium bcp, joins a group of company Chairmen and CEOs who signed the Portuguese version of the "CEO Guide for Human Rights". A total of 38 leaders and top managers expressed their commitment and challenged their peers to be more ambitious in the promotion of human rights in their organizations and value chains, to go beyond risk management and legal and regulatory frameworks, seeking positive life transformation for people.

This Guide identifies important human rights issues that challenge companies to act more responsibly, in compliance with tighter regulation that is aligned with the expectations of investors and society at large.

For Miguel Maya, "signing on to this Guide is a natural step for an organization that is, like Millennium bcp, strongly committed to respect for human rights, an organization where people form the cornerstone of all its actions, an organization that privileges and promotes a culture of inclusion and respect for diversity." Miguel Maya added that "valuing work as a transformative opportunity in life and in society is something we believe in and which motivates us to seek to develop a company culture where people value work and value themselves with the work they do."

About the CEO Guide for Human Rights and BCSD Portugal

O "CEO Guide for Human Rights" foi subscrito por empresas de 17 países, com 2,8 milhões de colaboradores diretos e uma cadeia de valor global vasta e transversal a 17 setores empresariais.

In addition to the original English and Portuguese versions, the Guide will also be available in French and Spanish.

About BCSD Portugal

The Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) Portugal is a non-profit association that aggregates and represents more than 90 leading companies in Portugal that are actively committed to the transition to sustainability. This association helps member companies on the journey to sustainability by promoting positive impacts for stakeholders, society and the environment.

Sales volume of associates represents 38% of national GDP and employs over 270 thousand employees.


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