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Sustainability: Balance of the activities of the 1st semester in Portugal...


The consolidation of a culture of Social Responsibility and the capacity to positively influence the value proposition of the company in the longer term, while balancing the well-being of people, the organization and the communities in which it is active, are the essential objectives of the sustainability policies defined for the Millennium Group.

The materialization of this strategy, in a process that we know to be continuous, allowed us, in the first half of the year, to optimize global energy consumption (the proposed annual reduction target for 2020 is 4%), but also to be close to local communities through social support actions, namely those developed in the context of the emergency response to the pandemic situation.

As part of the training processes, Millennium Banking Academy (MBA) produced 260,160 hours of training for Bank Employees and Outsourcers in Portugal.

Get to know in detail the activity developed by Millennium bcp, in Portugal, within the scope of Sustainability in the 1st half of 2020.


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