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Millennium bcp signs United Nations “Global Compact” commitment statement

Millennium bcp signs United Nations “Global Compact” commitment statement

Miguel Maya, CEO of Millennium bcp, has signed the Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation, which aims to demonstrate the international commitment to ethical leadership, based on good governance practices, reflected in values, strategy, policies, operations, and proximity and involvement with all stakeholders. This Statement also establishes a partnership with the United Nations, governments and civil society, with the goal of contributing to the strengthening of justice and transparency, promoting equality and respect for human rights.

 “In the transition to a more sustainable world all of us - citizens, companies and institutions – have the responsibility to promote changes in our individual and collective behavior, in order to implement models of economic and social development that foster prosperity, job creation, valuing people and respecting biodiversity. Millennium bcp is committed to being an active protagonist of the change that we intend to effect, and to sharing with the communities we serve, by disclosing the objectives we propose and the goals we achieve. Signing this declaration of commitment is an example of this, and it is also expressed in the report we published this week on the bank's website, regarding Millennium bcp's contributions to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals,” Miguel Maya said.

This declaration of commitment is one of the initiatives designed to honor the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, and was publicly presented to the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, at a special ceremony. The statement was signed by more than 1,200 CEOs from more than 100 countries.

The 75th anniversary of the United Nations takes place at a time of unprecedented global disruption and transformation and provides a clarion call for the need for more international cooperation and greater adaptation to the circumstances of a changing world. In the spirit of renewed global cooperation, organizations reiterate their commitment to responsible, ethical, inclusive and transparent management, in the light of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Nr. 16: “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”. 

Millennium bcp has been a member of the Global Compact since 2005, and is also committed to contributing, through its multi-domestic activity, to the implementation of the UN’s SDGs and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, approved in September 2015, represent the largest global voluntary commitment - formalized by 193 countries on the five continents - and aim to improve the quality of life of the world population in the social, environmental and economic dimensions by 2030.

Millennium bcp's involvement in the achievement of the SDGs is reflected, from the outset, in the bank's core activity, in particular in its close relationship with people and its ability to add social value, as well as in the search for products and distribution channels that are innovative and inclusive, and in the spirit of customer service.


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