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GIVING TUESDAY - more than a day, a month of solidarity

GIVING TUESDAY - more than a day, a month of solidarity

GIVING TUESDAY is celebrated Tuesday, December 1st. It is intended to be a day dedicated to solidarity with a very clear goal: "To celebrate and encourage donation".
Celebrated internationally, always on the first Tuesday after the world-famous Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday aims to “counter” the intense consumption that characterizes these days. In other words, after purchasing, the idea is to donate, whether in money, time, goods or talent, to a cause with which we can identify.

The main message is that we all have something to give and that all contributions make a difference. The important thing is to participate, because the sum of each contribution, however symbolic it may seem, will make a difference and generate impact. After all, we all have the power to make a difference in someone's life.



Millennium bcp once again joins this solidarity movement through the internal campaign "Millennium Solidário: Always Together. From People, to People ", associating this year with Fundação do Gil, C.A.S.A - Center for Supporting Homelessness and Just a Change.
In a particularly difficult and adverse year, solidarity assumes an even greater role in society and in the lives of people. It was in this challenging context, and in a record time, that social institutions were faced with the need to reinvent themselves, adapting and restricting their face-to-face activities and creating new support solutions, while guaranteeing their services to people and communities.
Join Millennium bcp in supporting these causes and help us materialize a commitment to people that translates into an active and responsible citizenship and a useful and consequent contribution.

Choose your cause and this Christmas, support those who will help Make a Difference...