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Millennium bcp signs Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 Commitment

 Compromisso Lisboa Capital Verde Europeia 2020

The Municipality of Lisbon, within the scope of the Lisbon Capital Verde European 2020, brings together 200 entities with a presence in the city, including companies, schools and institutions, in a commitment in favor of climate action and towards sustainability.

The Lisbon European Green Capital Commitment 2020 - Climate Action 2030, will materialize in about 2,100 concrete actions to be implemented by the members until 2030, ranging from waste reduction to sustainable mobility, including energy saving.

It is in this context that Millennium bcp, after having signed the “Lisbon Business Mobility Pact”, now deepens its environmental purpose by adhering to this commitment and taking on 6 new concrete initiatives in the scope of Energy, Water, Circular Economy and Citizenship and Participation.

The community's commitment to climate action will also be represented in a mural with tile and graffiti work, located at Av. Calouste Gulbenkian, which will also include the logos of all participating entities.

We chose to evolve. Millennium bcp is proud to be part of a transformative dynamic that will allow us to protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gases emissions, but also better serve the communities in which we operate.

We are, together, Making a Difference.


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