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Millennium joins Uncancel Collection to support the audiovisual sector

UNCANCELIn response to the serious impact on the events and entertainment sector caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, an online platform has launched to help the União Audiovisual charity.

The “UNCANCEL COLLECTION” consists of the sale of merchandising from events that were canceled in 2020, with focus on the traditional t-shirts and other gear from music festivals and other events. The products will be available at until the 18th of December, and the total amount will go to support Portuguese professionals in the audiovisual sector.

As an institutional partner, Millennium bcp supports the Uncancel Collection initiative with the donation of merchandising that would have been distributed in events where the brand was present and also with a financial contribution which will be given to União Audiovisual.

In addition to the merchandising of canceled events, for those who don’t want to purchase one of the available physical products or in case the collection runs out, a virtual t-shirt “UNCANCEL COLLECTION” was designed. This e-shirt, which also works with shareable content on social networks, is a direct donation to professionals in the audiovisual sector that can be made by individuals or companies and aims to raise awareness, within this concept of helping those who suffer most from cancellation public events.