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Millennium bcp supports food collection campaign of the Food Bank...


The "Banco Alimentar" (Food Bank) will carry out a new campaign to collect food until 13th of December.

Millennium bcp associates, once more, to this initiative and invites all Customers to join this cause.

In this action, which, in a pandemic context, will take place in a different way than usual and will not count on the already traditional intervention of volunteers, the appeal is for the Portuguese to make their donations through Ajuda Vale in supermarket boxes (each food voucher has a specific bar code associated with the products that each person wants to donate to the Food Bank (Olive Oil, Cooking oil, Milk, Tuna fish, Sausages and Rice) and / or the online donation portal,

Under the motto "At our table there is always room for one more", the Food Bank campaign wants to raise awareness among the Portuguese about the emergence of, in a situation aggravated by the pandemic crisis, getting involved - individually and collectively - in supporting People and families affected by food shortages.

Feed this idea. Our commitment to People makes the difference...