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Millennium bcp signs the Mobility Pact for Lisbon

 Mobility Pact for Lisbon

Millennium bcp, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the Lisbon City Council, BCSD Portugal and 56 other companies and institutions toay signed the Business Mobility Pact (CMP), committing to making mobility in Lisbon more sustainable.

The signees will adopt a set of measures that will help Lisbon have a safer, accessible, greener and more efficient mobility system, in accordance with the fundamental principles of collaboration, commitment, transparency and security.

"Supporting Sustainable Mobility is an essential step to ensure an incremental process based on concrete initiatives that contribute to the decarbonization of the Lisbon region", Miguel Maya, CEO of Millennium bcp, said. "Actively participating is a duty of companies committed to the future, people and the sustainability of the communities in which they operate".

This initiative is a response to the challenge of Lisbon Mayor Fernando Medina, for whom "decarbonization presents itself as the greatest challenge of our generation. We need to reduce our emissions and make all types of transport more sustainable. Every day counts and every action is important".

"The Business Mobility Pact in Lisbon determines the path to success, and we need other businesses and cities around the world to use this model for their own transformation and to support inclusive and sustainable growth", said Peter Bakker, President and CEO of WBCSD.


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