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Portugal Chama: a summer without fires depends on everyone

Portugal Chama: a summer without fires depends on everyone

Millennium bcp joins again in the “Portugal Chama” campaign, an initiative of “AGIF - Agency for the Integrated Management of Rural Fires” which aims to contribute to the prevention of forest fires and raise public awareness of risk behaviours.

Avoiding fires, protecting people, the forest and minimizing the economic and social impact of fires, involves a lot of preventing risky behaviour and alerting to its consequences.

It is in this context that Millennium bcp, materializing its Corporate Social Responsibility policy and its commitment to the preservation of nature, participates once again in the national effort to reduce, through the prevention of risky behaviours, the number, the extent and the impact of forest fires.

Because talking about the Forest is talking about the Future, preventing forest fires, testifying to active and responsible citizenship, is a civic power / duty that should involve us all.

Portugal Chama 2020

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