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Millennium bcp donates €50,000 to AMI to help restore the Pinhal de Leiria forest

Millennium bcp has delivered €50,000 to Assistência Médica Internacional (AMI), which allow the rehabilitation of five hectares of land affected by the 2017 fires in Pinhal de Leiria forest, where five thousand trees will now be planted.

This donation, part of Millennium bcp's Sustainability policy, results from the bank's participation in the "Vamos todos ser Dinis" campaign, under AMI's Ecoética project, through which the bank pledged to donate one euro for each customer who switched from paper statements to digital statements - up to a maximum of €50,000 - to help support the reforestation effort in the Pinhal de Leiria.

Miguel Maya, CEO of Millennium bcp, said: "we are proud that this campaign was able to mobilize our customers, materialized in the donation we are delivering today to AMI. It is a sign of our customers' involvement and commitment to nature and the mitigation of climate change, a purpose that engages us and brings us together around something that impacts our lives and the future of the communities we serve. This initiative supports the recovery of an important historical and natural reserve, because of the importance of its biodiversity in ecological terms, but also because of its contribution to the development of the local economy and the improvement of the quality of life of the people who live in the region. Our participation in the recovery of the Pinhal de Leiria forest is a further testament to the committed and pragmatic way in which Millennium bcp has been strengthening its Sustainability policy, of which I also highlight our commitment to the development of sustainable finances".

Fernando Nobre, President of AMI - Fundação de Assistência Médica Internacional, said: "The results of the joint effort by the organizations of the social economy and the business sector are extraordinary, and through actions like this promoted by Millennium bcp to support the Ecoética project, contribute to a better future. We must reflect on what we can do and change behaviors and attitudes to alter the fate of our planet. It is our duty as citizens and the right of future generations to enjoy a sustainable planet! If we join forces and play our part in the preservation of the planet, there will be no need for a plan B. It is, therefore, with great pride and sense of citizenship that we promoted this reforestation action in Pinhal de Leiria, with an invaluable contribution from Millennium bcp."

This campaign, which ran for four months from June to September, will reduce costs while also improving the bank's environmental performance, both by reducing paper consumption and the footprint associated with using the postal system, and by the partial offset of Millennium bcp's carbon footprint through the CO2 sequestration achieved by the trees the bank will help plant.

This campaign is part of Millennium bcp's Sustainability Plan 2021, and is also a way for the bank to reinforce its contribution to the achievement of U.N. Sustainable Development Objective (SDG) No. 15 - "Protecting terrestrial life" - one of the priorities set by Millennium bcp as part of the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


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