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In 2021, all the electricity that Millennium bcp uses in its facilities in Portugal will be 100% green, a mix of energy produced by the bank's own photovoltaic plant and electricity purchased that's certified to be produced using renewable sources.

"Millennium bcp made a commitment to the Portuguese society that it would be a protagonist in the energy transition process and that it would do so through changes to its lending policy, the development of advisory capacities for customers, and also, because we know the importance of leading by example, changes to its practices and actions. The use of 100% green electricity in 2021 is a clear sign of the importance we attach to aspects related to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) themes," Miguel Maya, CEO of Millennium bcp, said. "We believe that the leadership of an institution like Millennium bcp is not measured only by its market share, but also by the way it serves the community and contributes to the sustainability of its activity and of the planet."

In 2020, a first step was taken in this direction, with all the electricity used by Millennium bcp in its central services facilities (Taguspark) coming from renewable sources. This year, another step was taken on the sustainability path, with all the electricity used by Millennium bcp in Portugal (central services and branches) originating from renewable sources.

The photovoltaic plant that Millennium bcp has in its facilities at Taguspark has 3,703 panels, installed on three buildings, and is currently responsible for about 10% of all the energy consumed by the bank's central services.

In the effort to mitigate Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions have also been consistently decreasing over the years, which allowed, in the period 2012-2019, a reduction in emissions attributable to Millennium bcp of about 46%.

Millennium bcp has taken concrete steps in the sustainability area, showing that, more than addressing the issue, it is necessary to take actions. The bank has established and consistently exceeded its annual targets, earning Millennium bcp the "A-" rating and the Leadership performance rank in the 2020 edition of the Carbon Disclosure Project, joining the group of 35% of the companies with the best world ranking. The classification obtained by the bank compares favorably with the average of the European financial sector, which is "C".

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