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Millennium bcp is included, for the second consecutive year, in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 2021, joining the group of 380 global companies that stand out in the implementation of gender equality, diversity and inclusion practices and policies.

Millennium's presence in this index, which brings together companies from 44 countries and represents 11 different sectors, is a consequence of our commitment to the development of our Sustainability Master Plan and a renewed recognition of our performance regarding gender equality and clear and transparent reporting. Thanks to our determination, Millennium obtained an overall rating of above 78%, with a 100% assessment in its report practices' quality, which compares favorably with the average of the companies included in the index (66%).

The BCP Group integrates diversity, inclusion, equality and non-discrimination principles in the core of its business and people-management strategy, ensuring that employees, in Portugal and internationally, are treated fairly and have equal access to employment and to professional development, in particular regarding selection criteria and recruitment conditions, and allowing all employees to develop their careers building capacities through continuous, fair training programs.

These guiding principles, which originate from our foundational values, correspond to a "World view" (or to a purpose) that we consistently assume, in all BCP Group operations, and that is reflected in the new "Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy" corporate policy (in force since January 1st) and in the "Plan for Gender Equality 2021", a set of actions, with well-defined goals and means of execution, with which we propose to continue the lines of action that we consider priorities.

For further information, please go to: Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.​