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Millennium Solidário 2020: We are closer, we are going further...

Millennium bcp joined the international solidarity movement Giving Tuesday through the internal campaign "Millennium Solidário", launched in December 2020 and extended until January 2021, associating with Fundação do Gil, C.A.S.A - Center for Supporting Homelessness and Just a Change to support those who help the neediest, most fragile and vulnerable.

This campaign counted on donations from the bank to each of the beneficiary institutions, and also on the support of many Millennium employees, allowing, in a particularly difficult year, to raise funds for social benefits aimed at children with disabling diseases, the homeless and at people risk of social exclusion. Millennium bcp's Sustainability policy, which underpins the development of actions that consolidate a culture of proximity with the capacity to add social value, found in this initiative another example of the principles of solidarity and corporate social responsibility. Our effort revealed a collective and individual active citizenship with an impact on people. In 2021, together, we will continue to Make a Difference.

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