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Sustainability is part of the core values of our culture

"Sustainability is part of the core values of our culture"

“Sustainability is not a threat. The threat is if we don't do anything and if we don't prepare ourselves for the challenges of sustainability", says Millennium bcp CEO, Miguel Maya. This organization "is clearly aware that what is at stake is something of such great importance that it will have far-reaching consequences in people's quality of life and our own future’s, if we do not face assertively and with concrete goals”.

Millennium bcp sees sustainability as an opportunity to actively contribute to the sustainable development of business models, starting with the bank itself, which wants to be an example. "We are committed to using only renewable energy sources already this year. It won’t be an issue in a few years, as we are already doing it and it was a commitment we presented to society,” Miguel Maya said in an interview with Jornal de Negócios.

Concerns with sustainability are in the assessment practices of the investment projects, in granting customers credit to assist in their transition. "The entire component of commercialization and provision of financial products and services must bear in mind the contribution to a more sustainable world, from its conception and design."

To this end, the bank works in a comprehensive form, assuming concrete sustainable development goals and sharing and communicating the goals. "It is not enough to have internal goals, they have to be measured and shared with society, for society itself to understand what we are doing regarding this matter. That is why Millennium bcp publishes the sustainable development goals and an annual report, in which it clearly assumes the commitments it intends to achieve in the upcoming years,” Miguel Maya emphasized.

"Sustainability is not a marketing and communication theme, it is a fundamental, inherent theme, we believe it has a relevant importance for the future. Today it is part of the essential values of the Millennium bcp culture," Miguel Maya notes.

This transformation will require cooperation, collaboration between everyone, because the challenges cannot be faced individually.

"It is not enough for a country, a company, or a continent to do things well, because the challenges we have are on a global scale if we want to have sustainable, harmonious development, a fairer economy, a more balanced social model for the future."