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American Express, the world's largest financial brand represented in Portugal by Millennium bcp, has always pursued dynamic strategies adjusted to the new challenges posed by the communities with which it interacts. The main goal of sustainability policies adopted - that foster a culture of social responsibility - has been positively influence our value proposition, in balance with the welfare of the people, businesses and communities in which it operates.

Thus, the possibility of supporting institutions and initiatives that promote a better quality of life in the segments of society that warrant special and differentiated protection, are opportunities that we do not want - and can not - lose.

Was in this context, that we reached an agreement with the " TPNP, E.R. – Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal", dedicated to the tourism development of the region, and "ACAPO – Associação dos Cegos e Amblíopes de Portugal", a reference institution in the area of visually impaired, with the goal to produce a generic brochure  Porto and Northern Portugal in Braille and an audio module available at the airport Sá Carneiro, ensuring access to content by people who often do not have this opportunity.

This guide, "O único Destino” (The only Destiny), fosters autonomous access to tourist contents to citizens with limited visual nature with natural impact on their satisfaction through appropriate interaction with the spaces included in the tourist offer of the town and the region.

The partnership agreement was signed during the ceremony commemorating the first anniversary of Interactive Tourism Shop at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, which was attended, among others, the Secretary of State Assistant to the Minister of Internal Affairs, and in which Millennium bcp was also present.

This support, with which we intend to contribute to the implementation of projects aimed at social inclusion, is another example of what moves us: the People