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ESG products advisory (cf. SFDR Article 9)

Which environmental and/or social characteristics are promoted by this financial product?

This service is based on a specific selection of investment funds (ETF) which, in the shares component, replicate the MSCI Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indexes. These indexes are representative of the performance of companies with high ESG ratings. In building them, the used methodology selects companies best-in-class in each sector, according to their MSCI ESG ratings. Companies involved in controversy or whose products have social or governance impact are excluded. For the bonds component, there is a selection of funds invested in Green Bonds or that use ESG criteria in their bonds’ selection.

What is the investment strategy?

Advise diversified portfolios exclusively composed of products with the above-mentioned characteristics. Recommendations might also focus on investment on specific assets categories through products that replicate SRI indexes.

What is the assets allocation plan?

The recommended portfolios will have over 85% allocation to SRI funds or equivalent.

Does this product consider the main adverse sustainability impacts?


May I find online more information on this product?

More information on this product is available in

Is there a reference index to determine if this product is aligned with the environmental and/or social characteristics it promotes?

The Morningstar sustainability ratings are used to assess, monitor and compare the potential ESG risks impacts on the products profitability. The characteristics of the MSCI Socially Responsible Investment indexes, namely the investment in best-in-class companies and the exclusion of the remaining ones, leads to alignment with environmental and social concerns.