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BCP group integrates new Environmental sustainability indexes...

The BCP Group joined recently the STOXX Low Carbon Indices (1) and the ET Europe 300 Carbon Ranking (2) BCP group integrates new Environmental sustainability indexes...

These indices, focused on carbon "footprint", include companies with the best performance in the context of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2, as a result of policies and processes that promote a low-carbon economy, but recognize also the quality and reliability of their disclosure.

The BCP Group develops a strategy of sustainability that incorporates and promotes a culture of environmental responsibility. That's how the protection of the environment, the preservation of nature, the fight against climate change and the rationalization of consumption, constitute the essential objectives of the environmental policy implemented in all its operations.

In this context, and aware of its environmental impacts, the Bank has been pursuing a continuous effort of minimizing ecological "footprint" by promoting the adoption of good practices and the implementation of innovative solutions at the level of consumption of electric energy, natural resources and the emission of greenhouse gases.

So, if we evaluate the four-year 2012/2015, it is possible to prove the optimization trend of CO2 emissions in the various operations expressed in a cumulative reduction of 25%.

CO2 emissions 

It is also in this context that we propose to proceed with the process of decarbonisation of our activity reducing again, in 2016, CO2 emissions by 5%.


  • ET Europe 300 Carbon Ranking
  • STOXX® Europe 600 Low Carbon
  • STOXX® Europe Reported Low Carbon
  • STOXX® Europe Low Carbon Footprint
  • EURO STOXX® Low Carbon
  • EURO STOXX® Reported Low Carbon


(1)STOXX Limited is a globally integrated index provider, covering the world markets across all asset classes – developing, maintaining, distributing and marketing a comprehensive global family of strictly rules-based and transparent indices.
(2) The "Environmental Tracking (ET) Carbon Rankings" are the responsibility of the analyst ET Index Research. This entity intends to promote ' green ' investment by providing information on the greenhouse gas emissions of the largest listed companies.