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Millennium bcp supports Movimento ECO 2016...

Millennium bcp supports Movimento ECO 2016... 

Millennium bcp renewed in 2016 the partnership with Movimento ECO - Companies Against Fires, a project that aims to contribute to the prevention of forest fires and raise public awareness to risk behaviours.

Began recently a new multimedia campaign to appeal to the importance of fire prevention and elimination of risk behaviour promoted by Movimento ECO, in the year that celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Millennium bcp's participation in the Movimento Eco in 2016, for the third consecutive year, an initiative that fits in the strategy of sustainability and materialization of the corporate social responsibility policy of the Bank, aims to contribute to the fire fighting, through prevention of risk behaviour and alert to their consequences, and has as its main objectives to reduce the number of fires, the burned area and its economic and social impact.

Started in 2007, the Movimento ECO soon became one of the largest and most significant corporate social responsibility initiatives in Portugal. With origins in the civil society, but also with the continued support of the ministries of Internal Affairs and of Agriculture, was created with the purpose to bring together the efforts of companies in preventing and fighting forest fires.

Has as main objective trigger the social responsibility of companies and institutions in forest protection, boosting the spread to the society of messages of prevention, elimination and control of risk behaviour.

The Portuguese forest plays an essential role in the economy and sustainable development of the country. For this reason, are primary goals of the Movimento ECO:

  • Collaborate actively in forest preservation, a strategic resource for the development of the country;
  • Making civil society to the need to preserve the forest and public awareness to risk behaviour;
  • Mobilize citizens to an attitude of active civic participation in forest protection;
  • Reduce the number of fires and area burned;
  • Form young people, warning of the importance of preserving the forest;
  • Stimulate and raise awareness among companies and institutions for the dissemination of messages of prevention of risk behaviour among citizens.



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