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Millennium bcp again in The Sustainability Yearbook - 2016...

Millennium bcp again in The Sustainability Yearbook - 2016... 

Group BCP joined, for the second time, "The Sustainability Yearbook - 2016", publication of reference in the area of sustainability edited annually by the analyst "RobecoSAM" based on the information collected in response to "Dow Jones Sustainability Indices".

Being again part of the select group of the world's 464 most sustainable companies - in which 32 countries are represented -, is a renewed proof of the merits of sustainability initiatives adopted in the social, environmental and economic dimensions, but also transparent disclosure practices of institutional information.

In fact, this recognition, which comes in the wake of the permanence of Group BCP in several sustainability indexes over the past years, is further testimony of the distinctive results that the Bank has achieved in the continuous and determined implementation of its Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and the resulting policies.

It should be noted in this context that "RobecoSAM" is an internationally recognized analyst in supporting sustainable investment. Created in 1995, with headquarters in Zurich and representation in various countries, is a precursor of consultation and analysis ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) work, being also responsible for the preparation of Sustainability Indices "Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes" (DJSI), launched in 1999 and that are today the first indicator of performance of the leading sustainability companies worldwide.

The consolidation of a culture of Social Responsibility and the capacity to positively influence the value proposition of a company in the longer term, while balancing the well-being of people, the company and the communities in which it is active, remain the essential objectives of the sustainability policies defined for the Millennium Group.


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