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Sustainability Report 2016: Commitment to People and the Future...


The 2016 Sustainability Report provides a summary of the main non-financial indicators of the BCP Group, but also the way we have interpreted our Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility in Portugal, Mozambique, Poland and Switzerland.

It is information with which we intend to continue to respond to the increasing importance that the market - and society in general - attributes to the themes included in the perimeter of Sustainability and Responsible Business, also inserting itself in logic of clear, transparent reporting and deepening the relationship of proximity with all Stakeholders.

This document, which we have published with several shapes since 2004, is structured in accordance with GRI Standards guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative) and is audited by external and independent auditor.

In a context where the evolution of the banking relationship requires the Bank to adopt sustainable policies and practices, while advising on the redesign of processes and products, optimizing operational costs and integrating digital solutions and channels, Meeting the needs of Clients and other Stakeholders with a proposal of innovative value that meets or exceeds their expectations is decisive so that we can reaffirm our mission of supporting families, companies and society.

In this sense, Millennium continues to play a relevant and distinctive role in the different geographies where it is present, by carrying out initiatives and actions that promote Corporate Social Responsibility, contributes to the improvement of society's conditions and the preservation of natural resources, climate and the environment that are a stimulus to the adoption of more sustainable business practices.

We share this report knowing that, also in Sustainability, Millennium bcp assumes a strong commitment to People and the Future.