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Sustainability Assessment of activities 1st Semester 2013

The consolidation of a culture of Social Responsibility and the capacity to positively influence the value proposition of the company in the longer term, while balancing the well-being of people, the organization and the communities in which it is active, are the essential objectives of the sustainability policies defined for the Millennium Group.
The implementation of this strategy - in a process that we know continuous - allowed us in 2012 reducing electricity consumption by 12 % and the use of ink and toner cartridges at 7%. But also ensure that more than one third of our customer benefits all ready from digital bank balance, which results in an annual savings of about 194 tons of paper.
However, if preservation of the environment is important, community involvement, adding social value, is not least relevant. So it is with this conviction that we have been participating in various volunteer activities, which, in 2013, and just until now, involved more than 400 employees.
Reference also, on economic dimension, for the “Serviço de Acompanhamento Financeiro (SAF)” (Financial Advisory Service ( FAS )), which provides solutions to avoid or mitigate responsibilities failures, contributes to strengthening the chain of trust with our customers . Under this service, were contracted in 1st Semester of 2013 more than 25 000 restructurings.

See now what we have been doing in the first six months of this year to make the Millennium more sustainable...