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Millennium bcp recognized for its sustainable practices

Millennium bcp has been selected for inclusion in the “Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Register” by Forum ETHIBEL, following the evaluation carried out every 18 months. This inclusion reflects the high level performance of the bank in its environmental, social and economically responsible way of doing business

This recognition, verified after Millennium bcp’s return to the "Euronext Vigeo Europe 120" and "Ethibel Excellence Europe" sustainability indexes, is further testimony of the distinctive results that the bank has achieved in the continuous and determined implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and the resulting policies.

Forum ETHIBEL – an international organization created in 1991 and which today uses the evaluations of Vigeo, the European leader in environmental, social and governance analyses – sets out, as a basis for critical reflection on the role of companies in society, a series of principles, criteria and tools designed to promote socially responsible investment, ensuring that funds with the ETHIBEL label include in their portfolios only those companies with recognized Responsible Business practices.

The consolidation of a culture of Social Responsibility and the capacity to positively influence the value proposition of a company in the longer term, while balancing the well-being of people, the company and the communities in which it is active, are the essential objectives of the sustainability policies defined for the Millennium Group.

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