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Millennium bcp returned in 2013 to "Euronext Vigeo Europe 120" and "Ethibel Excellence Europe" sustainability indexes.

Integrate these indices developed by Vigeo analyst, one reference within responsible investment, and who put the Millennium bcp in the restricted group of European companies with the best record within sustainability policies, is the recognition of the commitment entered by the Bank and the distinctive results that have been achieved in the environmental, social and economic development of their activity.

It should be noted that these indices evaluate six areas, ranging from Environment to Respon sible Business, but which also include the Corporate Governance, Human Rights, Human Resources, and Community Engagement.

Promote a culture of Social Responsibility and influence positively the Organization's value proposal in the long, in balance with the well-being of the people, of the company and of the communities in which it operates, are the main goals of sustainability policies that we have been implementing.

It should be noted that the Vigeo is an ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) analyst with based in France and representation in various countries. Formed in 2002, has become one of the leading European experts in the analysis and assessment within the practices and performance in environmental, social and Government areas.

Know what we are doing to make Millennium bcp more sustainable.