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Sustainability: Millennium bcp example of best environmental practice… - The future is here...

The "Grace - Grupo de Reflexão e Apoio à Cidadania Empresarial (reflection group and support to corporate citizenship)" (*), prepared with the participation of Accenture, Heidrick Struggles, KPMG, PWC and AESE business school, the Corporate Social Responsibility study - "Look to the future - a new reflection on corporate social responsibility", with Millennium bcp contribution, one of the companies selected as an example of good practice in environmental pillar.

This study, recently published, which results from the analysis of a several reports by experts Entities in sustainability and case studies of success in our country was the basis for a conclusive report, which positions itself as a tool for the Portuguese organizational universe, always involving vision to a capacity of implement a corporate social responsibility policy.

The Bank inclusion, through the program "Green IT", in a study that gathers the best sustainability practices in the different sectors of activity in Portugal, is the recognition of the work we have been doing in recent years.

It is recalled that the "Green IT" already has a significant collection of actions implemented from 2010, which in addition to the continuous communication plan has been developed using the enterprise communication platforms, included, among other initiatives, the implementation of the solution Verdiem - that allows centralized management of energy policies in the workstations - monitoring of local impressions - that in 2012 has resulted already in a significant reduction in the number of printed pages- , and, within application developments, the dematerialization of documents, that digital extracts and release notes are examples.

This program, part of the Bank's Sustainability strategy and a contribution to the implementation of its Environmental and Social Responsibility dimensions, is a testimony that Sustainability in Millennium bcp is, in the present, a preparation of the future…

We will, together, continue to make a difference.

(*) The "Grace - Grupo de Reflexão e Apoio à Cidadania Empresarial (reflection group and support to corporate citizenship)" was created in February 2000 by a group of companies that had in common the interest in deepening the role of the business sector in social development, devoting himself to the problem of Corporate Social Responsibility. Promoting the participation of enterprises in the social context in which fall through the establishment of partnerships that enhance visible and concrete impacts of the activity of the Association, in conjunction with other entities of the Civil Society, is one of your goals.