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Pirilampo Mágico 2015

Took place during the month of May the "Pirilampo Mágico 2015" campaign.

This annual event aims to raise funds in support of CERCI ‘s and other similar organizations, but aims also to inform and raise public awareness about the problem of people with intellectual disabilities and / or multiple disabilities seeking to safeguard the right to equal opportunities and full exercise of citizenship.

It was in this context that was available at headquarters of Millennium bcp in Taguspark, between 12 and 14 May, a stand of "CERCI Oeiras" for the dissemination of their work, conducting awareness raising and, simultaneously, selling " Pirilampos Mágicos".

Millennium bcp, under its policy of Sustainability and Social Responsibility, is associated, in this way, to a campaign which is now one of the greatest symbols of social solidarity in Portugal, knowing that the cause to which it is associated - support children and young people with intellectual disabilities and / or multiple - justifies all our support.