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Millennium bcp supports Centro Padre Ricardo Gameiro...

The "Centro Social Paroquial Padre Ricardo Gameiro" (Parish Priest Ricardo Gameiro Social Center), in Cova da Piedade, recently received a symbolic support from Millennium bcp.

Thus, as a contribution to the new project of this Private Institution of Social Solidarity, the new senior residence – “Casa de São Paulo” – we have delivered some informatics equipment.

This institution - of recognized merit - focuses its social intervention in the local community, currently serving more than 1,300 beneficiaries, spread across 7 houses with different social responses provided by nearly 300 workers. At the moment is in progress the construction of the 8th house, whose opening is scheduled for January 2015; this is a home with 26 rooms and a total of 46 beds financed with proper equity and already full.

The houses of the Parish Social Centre Padre Ricardo Gameiro are:
  • "Residência Nossa Senhora da Esperança" - specialized support services, with a seniors residential structure, a day center and home care;
  • "Equipamento de Bairro" - Nursery (since 1973 );
  • "Centro Comunitário Cova Piedade/ Regaço Materno" - monitoring of children at risk and target of social integration (1998);
  • "Centro Comunitário Renascer" – services to support families and children at risk within the project to combat poverty (since 2000);
  • "Creche e Jardim de Infância da Ramalha", opened in 2010;
  • "Romeira" - kindergarten (2003);
  • "GIP" - Social Integration Office;
  • "Centro de Documentação da Ramalha" - unit of processing information and historical documentation and restoration (unit creation of social norms);
  • "Casa de São Paulo" - senior residence (beginning of activity in early 2015).

The mission of the IPSS, whose action focuses on human dignity, aims to provide a structured and quality social response that allows the growth and promotion of each individual through Christian values - ethic, equality and solidarity.