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Sustainability: Millennium reduces ecological footprint in 2013...

Was celebrated on April 22 the World Earth Day. The right moment to remember that  Millennium Group has been developing a Sustainability strategy that promotes a culture of environmental responsibility.

As tangible result of this commitment with the preservation of the environment, we have made in Portugal, Poland, Mozambique, Angola and Romania in the development of our activity over the course of 2013, a significant reduction of a diverse set of resources, of which we highlight:

11,4 % Electricity
13,8 % Water
6 % Emission of Greenhouse Gases
15,6 % Production of Waste

These values, which motivate us to pursue policies - and take practices - that enable the consistent decrease in consumption and waste of resources in the various operations of the Group, are a contribution to the effort to reduce the processing costs, but also to mitigate the ecological footprint of Millennium in the world.

We know that the optimization of consumption is a challenge we all face, everywhere, every day. The solution is, as always, in our hands.

  • Did you know...?
    The Electric power that we have reduced in 2013 in Millennium group is equivalent to the average annual consumption of more than 5,250 families.