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Employees are one of the strategic pillars of Millennium bcp's sustainability.

Culture of Meritocracy

The capacity for innovation and adaptation is a key added value and resides in People. In Millennium bcp, Employee management is oriented towards getting the best performances, stimulating the development and enhancement of staff, motivating and assuring the support where necessary and rewarding those who distinguish themselves and contribute in a more relevant manner to the sustainable results of the institution.



Strengthen and improve the capacities and competencies of the Employees remains a priority for Millennium bcp. The search for excellence in a quality service provided to Customers, implies the identification of the training best suited to the specific needs of each Employee; therefore, apart from the delegated responsibility in hierarchies, Millennium bcp encourages individual initiative in personal and professional enhancement.


Talent management

Together with the development of generic and specific competences, it is essential, for the Bank's sustainability, to identify Employees with potential and talent able of assuming functions of responsibility and increased complexity. In this sense, Millennium bcp has been developing a set of programs to identify those employees and give them a set of experiences and exciting challenges, which will not only helps them to strengthen their involvement with the institution and also prepares them for more complex and efficient performances.

People Grow

A program aimed at young graduates with a high career development potential. It is structured in a system of functional rotations in several areas and operations of the Bank, allowing the development of new skills and a transversal vision of business (Duration: 2 years).

Grow Fast

A program intended for Employees with professional experience and a very positive performance, high learning capacity and able of putting into practice the new skills and high potential to lead critical projects or teams of the Group. Intends to facilitate the preparation for coordination tasks with a higher level of responsibility and/or complexity (Duration: 18 months).

Young specialist

A program for Employees who have completed their licentiate degrees with very good academic results; it seeks to accelerate integration in Millennium bcp and create the necessary conditions to develop his/her skills and necessary autonomy for a performance of excellence in specialized functions (Duration: 2 years).

Master in Retail

Addressed to Client Managers and Deputy Commercial Coordinators that consistently present a very good performance level. Aims at maximizing the Employees capacity to take on new coordination challenges in Retail (Duration: 1 year).

Grow in Retail

Intended for Commercial Assistants who have consistently a very good performance. Aims at maximizing the development of these Employees so that they achieve high levels of service in customer management (Duration: 1 year).

Master in Millennium

Addressed to Employees with professional experience and without coordination tasks, intends to equip Employees with the experience and the skills required to successfully functions with a higher level of responsibility and/ or complexity (Duration: 18 months).



Mil Ideias

Millennium bcp continues to focus on an on ongoing improvement, taking into consideration the high value able of being generated by innovation. By stimulating creativity and the sharing of experience by all Employees, the Bank significantly increases its ability to innovate.

The internal program for the generation of ideas - Mil Ideias (One Thousand Ideas) - based on the recognition of the fact that the Employees while a creative force able of originating ideas of value, represent a means to enhance and strengthen the individual skills of the Employees of Millennium bcp.

See a brief presentation of the Mil Ideias programme.



The contact with different realities contributes, in an unique manner, to the sharing of knowledge and to the personal and professional growth. Therefore, internal rotations are of strategic importance to Millennium bcp, being at the origin of the permanent attention and monitoring that is dedicated to programs aiming at stimulating these movements.

Commercial Skills Development Program (PDCC)

Under this program, Millennium bcp seeks to promote the mobility of Employees from central services to the commercial areas, combining efficiency gains and boosting the commercial career development prospects. It is based on a structured training and monitoring methodology which allows the development of skills and the professional fulfilment of Employees.

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New Paths Program

This program is aimed at Employees who seek new challenges, offering special guarantees and advantageous conditions if they choose to go to branches located outside the major urban centres.



The planning of recruitment in Millennium bcp takes into account the Bank's strategy, anticipating needs in the medium term and looking for a rejuvenation of Employees without damaging the internal mobility programs.

Internal - the disclosure of vacancies available for recruitment is, initially, made to Employees through the internal website, resorting to external recruitment when the Bank is not able to find Employees with the profile and availability for the performance of the functions in question.

External - the capture of talents in Millennium bcp is supported by the program Come and Grow With US and is characterized for being a value proposition for Millennium bcp, envisaged to meet the interests and needs of successful students, with talent and vocation for excellence.


Evaluation system

The Pillar of advice and guidance for the development of skills, the Individual Performance Assessment System (IPAS) enhances the opportunities for dialogue between the hierarchies and their staff, allowing the development in the staff of a culture of personal responsibility for the development of their careers.

The IPAS constitutes a starting point in the processes of recognition of merit in its different aspects, enabling to differentiate and guide the performance of employees. Its main objectives are:

  • Align performances;
  • Support Employees development plans;
  • Reward good results accurately and transparently.

By establishing individual objectives aligned with the objectives of the team and unity where the Employees are placed and, consequently, with the Bank's strategic objectives, one is contributing not only to reinforce the perception that each Employee has of his/her effective contribution to the whole, but also of the initiatives to be developed in order to evolve to a higher performance level.