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Internal Community

The Millennium bcp offers a series of social benefits, apart from those established in the legislation, which contribute to maintaining a suitable level of well-being of the Employees.

Support for Education

Millennium bcp, through the Program to encourage Academic Qualification, financially supports Employees who, on their own initiative, seek to obtain licentiate degrees, post graduation or executive training equivalent to level postgraduate and master's degree, with relevance to their careers and for the Group, under the stimulus to individual responsibility in the process of personal and professional enhancement.


Credit to Employees

The employees of Millennium bcp have the possibility to request loans for permanent homes without global capital constraints made available by the Bank for that purpose. This way, and unlike other credit institutions, the employees of Millennium bcp do not have to be in waiting lists or apply in order to access this benefit.

The credit is granted in accordance with the principles of credit risk assessment established by the Bank's regulations. The employees may also ask credit for social purposes that, among other, are addressed to situations of need for funding to meet education, health, house benefits in own or rented homes, or other goods and services of exceptional nature.


Culture and Leisure

The Employees of Millennium bcp benefit from a set of advantageous conditions in various areas of culture and leisure.

Clube Millennium bcpCultura e Lazer

The Employees of the Bank, as well as members of his/her household, can become members of the Club Millennium bcp, a recreational Association that provides access to a wide range of high quality events in terms of contents and seeks to ensure a significant dispersion of themes covered and of the geographical areas covered. As part of its activity, the Club Millennium bcp seeks to foster the spirit of initiative, personal fulfilment and cultural enrichment, together with the participation in the community or support to institutions with a social or humanitarian nature.


In Tagus Park, the place where the Bank has the largest concentration of employees, the Bank offers a set of services at competitive prices/accessibility (cafeteria, gym, newsstand, car wash, kindergarten), and a free bus service which provide daily, morning and evening, transportation between Lisbon and the Tagus Park.


Insurance Plans

The Employees Insurance Plan gives access to a wide range of insurance, on advantageous conditions. The plan includes safe family scope, assets, savings, retirement and still insurance associated with credit, sport and leisure.


Medical services

The Employees of Millennium bcp benefit from medical units located in various parts of the country and a group of dedicated doctors, through which, and as a complement to existing health plans is ensured the provision of curative medicine, occupational medicine and medical assistance. The employees also benefit from a medical check-up, done regularly, whose scope goes far beyond what is legally defined in the context of occupational medicine, allowing this way a more thorough monitoring of their health.

In situations of greater complexity, Employees, spouses and children, by medical recommendation, may also have access to health care in the clinic of Navarre. Employees can also benefit from the Médis health insurance, on privileged terms. This benefit is extended to the household and is in force during the lifetime of the Employee provided his/her retirement takes place in one of the Group companies.


Employees Branch

The Employees and their respective household have a Branch exclusively dedicated - Employees Branch -, segmented into personalized management business units, mass market and insurance. Access to this branch, which has extended opening hours, is preferably carried out by telephone and e-mail, although there is an area for personalized attendance.