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Millennium bcp supports Refuge Aboim Ascensão...

The Private Institution of Christian Social Solidarity, the Aboim Ascensão Refuge, in Faro, was the scene, last December, of a donation of Millennium bcp.

The Aboim Ascensão Refuge, founded in 1933, was where he was born, in 1985, the Childhood Emergency of Portugal, center where already lived hundreds of children with less than 6 years in danger or already battered, in a work performed in close liaison with the authorities with competence in this area.

The activity of the Aboim Ascensão Refuge focuses on Rescuing Childhood - description corresponding to technical model (parameters, methodology and objectives) designed to accommodate, framing and forward children up to 5 years of age victims of abandonment, abuse or neglect.

This work demands a strong component of technical volunteer, that interact with Courts and state departments of Social Security, Education and Health, of them receiving support that is complemented by the Local Authorities, Citizens and Corporations.

The ultimate purpose is forward the child for their biological family or, when this is not possible, to promote their adoption, after competent decision of the Courts. Here comes the 1st formulation of reception center technician and temporary what is known in Portugal.