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Green IT: School Books Fund 2015

Green IT: School Books Fund 2015

In the scope of Social Responsibility corporate policy of Millennium bcp, which intends to develop activities that promote a socially participative culture, and also included in the "Green IT" program, was held the fourth edition of the initiative “School Books Fund”, this time to the 2015/2016 school year.

This action, addressed to all employees of IT in Portugal, took place between June and September and aimed to promote the internal exchange of books and textbooks, thus contributing not only to their reuse, but also to reduce the respective expenditures on educational materials.

In a difficult socio-economic context, this kind of initiatives assume a particular importance and actuality, allowing the sharing of resources and consolidation of values ​​in line with a growing awareness of social, economic and environmental issues, also reflected in our relation with the external community.

So, this action has also allowed helping several families in need, with the delivery of about 150 remaining books to the São Marcos local authority.

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