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Equipment donations policy: we continue doing our share...


Equipment donation to Institutions

Millennium group, as part of its Sustainability strategy, has, over the years and in all its operations, pursue a policy of equipment donations to institutions of recognized merit and capacity for social intervention.

Only in Portugal, in 2014, according to the information reported in the Sustainability Report, 4,177 goods were donated to charities - public, private and associative -, which benefited from this approximation strategy to the local communities materialize in the delivery of various goods, namely office supplies and computers, which though used are in good condition.

It was so in this context, and within the framework of the Protocol signed in 2009 with the ENTRAJUDA - main recipient of the material donated by the Bank in Portugal, in a partnership that aims to deliver the goods and equipment to those who need those most - that we have carried out another donation to this organization.

This time, in addition to more than 1,800 children's books, the material delivered included office furniture and televisions (125 units).

The Bank donations policy is an important testimony of how we have been able to interpret our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, with a practice that - adding social value and contributing to improve the quality of the support provided by the solidarity organizations -, has been pursued continuously, being already several the examples of donations made in 2015.

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