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Within the framework of the activities that integrate the supply chain management, a sample of suppliers is assessed annually, taking into consideration parameters such as:

  • Quality of goods/services provided ;
  • Compliance with service levels;
  • Management and governance practices;
  • Management and governance practices;
  • Envirnomental pratices;
  • Degree of overall satisfaction with the supplier;
  • Degree of supplier recommendation.

Suplliers Principles

With the aim of integrating the concerns of environmental and social responsibility, Millennium bcp, included, in 2007, an annex in supply contracts - Suppliers Principles - establishing good practices, whose compliance is assessed since 2009, within the framework of the evaluation process of suppliers.

These principles include:

  • Fulfilment of legal requirements;
  • Management of the activity and corporate governance that ensure high ethical standards and stability of supply, with observance of quality standards;
  • Labour practices with respect for:
    - Human Rights;
    - Not using child labour or forced labour;
    - Freedom of Association;
    - Work Schemes and appropriate work hours;
    - Health and safety standards at work.
  • Business practices with environmental balance;
  • Cooperation in monitoring and complying with the principles;
  • Application of the principles in hiring the services of third parties.