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Millennium bcp adheres to Movimento ECO 2014...

 Movimento ECO


Millennium bcp has joined the Movimento ECO 2014 - Companies Against Fires, a project that aims to contribute to the prevention of forest fires and raise public awareness to risk behaviours.


Recently began the 9th edition of Movimento ECO 2014 with the signing of the protocols by the participating companies in a multimedia campaign calling for the importance of fire prevention.

This event, held on the 9th of July, was attended by the President of the Movimento ECO 2014, Murteira Nabo, the Minister of Agriculture and Sea, Assunção Cristas, the Secretary for Internal Affairs, João Almeida, and representatives of the participating companies and organizations, marks the beginning of sensitization activities with national distribution that will be developed until late September.

According to Paulo Neves (Millennium bcp - Sustainability) "Millennium bcp participation in the “Movimento Eco” in its 2014 edition, is an initiative included in the Sustainability strategy and in the materialization of Bank’s corporate social responsibility policy, and aims to contribute to the fight against fires through prevention of risk behaviours and alert to its consequences, and its main objective is reducing the number of fires, the burned area and its economic and social impact. Preserving the forest, while reducing the risks to the people, are the motivations that lead us - in a joint and collective effort - to commit ourselves to the campaign that is now starting."

Originating in civil society, but also with the support of the Ministries of Interior and of Agriculture and Sea, was created with the purpose of bringing together the efforts of companies in preventing and fighting forest fires.

Has as main objective trigger the social responsibility of companies and institutions in forest protection - a natural patrimony that plays an essential role in the economy and in the country's sustainable development - enhancing the dissemination to society in general of prevention messages and control behaviours risk, focusing in particular on:

  • raise awareness for risk behaviours;
  • involve civil society and business in preventing and fighting forest fires;
  • reduce the number of occurrences;
  • decrease the burnt area.

The private sector mobilization for forest protection is an incentive to spread the message that Portugal without fires depends of all of us.

We will (continue to) Make the Difference.