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Sustainability Report: We continue to Make the Difference...

The "Sustainability Report 2013" now disclosed, is a complementary information to the one included in chapter Responsible Business of the Bank's Annual Report 2013, and allows to obtain an integrated view of the performance of the Millennium Group in its economic, social and environmental dimensions, but also the detail on each operation, Portugal - in this case focused on compliance with the Sustainability Master Plan 2014-2015 -, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Angola and Mozambique.

It is a document that, with several shapes, is published since 2004 and is structured according to version 3.1 of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) - an entity that defines the most relevant international guidelines on this matter - and is also audited by an external auditor.

Falls still in logic of clear and transparent reporting and engagement with all stakeholders, and, in this 10th edition, aims also to answer to the growing importance of the topics included in the perimeter of the Sustainability, either for the market in general, or for Customers, Analysts and Investors in particular.

Remember that the Sustainability strategy of Millennium Group has been pursuing active policies and adjusted to the new challenges posed by various stakeholders with which it interacts.

We know that the current situation requires, by the Bank, a growing concern in adopting sustainable measures, while optimizes and reduces processing costs. This implies meeting the needs of customers and other stakeholders with a value proposition that exceeds their expectations.

In this sense, Millennium has played an important and distinctive role in the different countries where it is present, carrying out initiatives and actions that promote corporate social responsibility, contribute to the improvement of the conditions of society and the protection of the environment and are an incentive to the adoption of more sustainable business practices.

Thus, we would like to share this Sustainability Report, with the conviction that also in Social Responsibility Millennium group is, at the present, building the future.