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Millennium bcp renews in 2015 partnership with Movimento ECO...


Millennium bcp renova em 2015 a adesão ao Movimento ECO… 


Millennium bcp renewed in 2015 the partnership with Movimento ECO - Companies Against Fires, a project that aims to contribute to the prevention of forest fires and raise public awareness to risk behaviours.

Recently began the 10th edition of Movimento ECO 2015 with the signing of the protocols by the participating companies in a new multimedia campaign calling for the importance of fire prevention.

This event, held on the 17th of June, was attended by the President of the Movimento ECO, Murteira Nabo, the Minister of Agriculture and Sea, Assunção Cristas, and representatives of the participating companies and organizations, and marks the beginning of sensitization activities with national distribution that will be developed until late September.

According to Paulo Neves (Millennium bcp - Sustainability) "The partnership between Millennium bcp and the ECO Movement, which we now renewed, is a new testimony of the Bank's commitment to the preservation of the natural patrimony. We know how important is to reduce the number of fires, protecting people, the forest and minimizing economic and social impact of the fires, but we also know that one of the most effective ways to this objectives passes for the prevention of risk behaviour and the alert for its consequences. It is this conviction that motivates us to participate in a collective effort that requires us all.”

A parceria do Millennium bcp com o Movimento ECO, que agora se renova, constitui mais um testemunho do compromisso do Banco com a preservação do património natural. Sabemos bem qual a importância de reduzir o número de fogos, protegendo as Pessoas, a floresta e minimizando o impacto económico e social dos incêndios, mas sabemos também que uma das formas mais eficazes de o conseguir passa pela prevenção de comportamentos de risco e de alerta para as suas consequências. É esta convicção que nos motiva a participar num esforço coletivo que nos obriga a todos.

Originated in civil society, but also with the continued support of the Ministries of Interior and of Agriculture and Sea, was created with the purpose of bringing together the efforts of companies in preventing and fighting forest fires.

Has as main objective trigger the social responsibility of companies and institutions in forest protection - a natural patrimony that plays an essential role in the economy and in the country's sustainable development - enhancing the dissemination to society in general of prevention messages and control behaviours risk, focusing in particular on:

  • raise awareness for risk behaviours;
  • involve civil society and business in preventing and fighting forest fires;
  • reduce the number of occurrences;
  • decrease the burnt area;
  • forming young people, warning for the importance of preserving the forest.


Together, we will Make the Difference.