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American Express supports “Ajuda de Berço”: building Happiness, looking for the Future…

American Express, the world's largest financial brand represented in Portugal by Millennium bcp , has always pursued dynamic strategies and adjusted to the new challenges posed by the communities with which it interacts. The main goals of sustainability policies adopted, which foster a culture of social responsibility and active citizenship, has been positively influence our value proposition, in equilibrium with the welfare of the people and communities in which it operates.

Thus, the possibility of supporting institutions that promote a better quality of life in the segments of society that justify a special and differentiated protection - that children are the best example -, is an opportunity we do not want - and cannot - lose.

It is in this context that, between May 15th and July 31st - we will be, once more, side by side with "Ajuda de Berço” supporting disadvantaged children. Throughout this period, the 1st purchase or 1st cash advance, made with an American Express card - issued by Banco Comercial Portugês -, still inactive, will (regardless the transaction amount) assign 1 Euro this solidarity institution.

Besides this option, you can also exchange the points accumulated in the Membership Rewards program associated with AMEX cards turning each 2,500 points in donations of 15.00 € for the "Ajuda de Berço" ( reference 200011 ).

"Ajuda de Berço" is a solidarity institution with recognized merit in childcare for 0 to 3 years who are at risk or abandonment, and has as a priority re-route them, when recovered, to their families of origin or for adoption.

This is another initiative that, included in AMEX and Millennium bcp social responsibility policy, is an example of what moves us: the People.