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Reduce Consumption

Reduce Consumption
Less "ecological footprint", all days...

The Millennium bcp has been developing a Sustainability strategy that promotes a culture of social and environmental responsibility - through actions for and with the various groups of Stakeholders - that constitutes a contribution to harden the value proposition of the organization in the long term, always in balance with the well-being of the people of the company and the communities in which it is inserted and with the preservation of the environment.

Result of this commitment, and in terms of the environment, in 2013 we reduced the consumption of a set of resources, which we highlight:

11% Materials
11% Electric power
17% Waste production
8% Water

Is in this context, in a new initiative that aims to materialize the Bank's environmental policy, that we started, in 5th of March, International Day of Energy, an internal campaign - addressed to the Bank employees in Portugal - to reduce consumptions, namely Electricity and Water.

The optimization of energy consumption is a challenge of citizenship that we face every day. The solution is, as always, in our hands.

Learn here detail data about the Environmental performance indicators of the Millennium along 2013, both in Portugal and in international operations...