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Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour 2015 

On March 28th the world watched, from Antarctica to the International Space Station, the 9th edition of “Earth Hour”.

In 2015, the movement exceed again all expectations with the accession of 172 countries and territories and the involvement of hundreds of millions of people on every continent on the planet.

The campaign, promoted by the international nature conservation organization "WWF - World Wild Fund” against climate change – Millennium, through its operation in Poland, joined once more to this movement -, allowed the lights of monuments and public buildings, but also of companies and individual citizens, to remain off for an hour, in a symbolic and global gesture of sustainability and defence of nature.

With our participation, individual and collective, we have renewed our response to a challenge that is of all of us: decrease the ecological footprint and protect the planet, while preserving the natural resources and environment.

Together, we Make the Difference.